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Business Critical Roles

BCRs are the linchpins of any organisation, essential to its success. When companies face the challenge of filling these pivotal positions, they often encounter a hiring wall that demands the expertise of a seasoned recruiter. With our proven track record, we provide invaluable support in identifying, attracting, and securing top niche talent to drive the company's growth and stability.

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Senior Executive Positions

Executive recruitment is the cornerstone of assembling a team of top-tier business leaders who steer organizations towards excellence. When it comes to securing these niche, high-impact positions, businesses often encounter unique challenges. We offer the expertise to identify, engage, and successfully recruit the elite executives who shape the future of their companies.

Optima delivers results in America

We've actively engaged with the American market, facilitating the growth of high-potential companies. In several instances, we've played a key role in helping European businesses establish themselves on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Optima America has been pivotal in aiding U.S. companies as they launch operations in the UK, Germany, or Southern Europe. The examples of our successful contributions are numerous!

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“I love working with Optima as they are very structured, process driven and deliver the right results across different markets worldwide”

Scott Rogers
VP Global Channels & Alliances

“Optima is incredibly efficient in the recruitment process. They went really into details to understand our needs and culture in order to select the right candidates. They are also very persuasive to the ones who made sense for our company and very supportive to us. I do not often recommend partners but this time I do without hesitation!”

Jean-René Boidron
President & CEO

“Working with Optima was almost like working with an internal recruiter in terms of response times, alignment, and understanding the search criteria as well as the relevant experience and cultural considerations”

Ohad Hecht
CEO & Co-Founder
Prodport & Emarsys

“Optima helps us with highly qualified candidates in a tough environment. They perfectly understand our business and our needs, which makes them an outstanding partner in the research of the top profiles we are looking for.”

Timo Von Focht
Country Manager DACH

“I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years and have always tried two have a mixed portfolio of agencies. My rationale being that sometimes I need a larger agency with wide coverage to get a recruitment drive moving fast. Optima, although not the largest recruitment agency, have consistently outperformed all other agencies on my books with in terms of quality and quantity of candidates. As a result, I have for the first time in my recruiting history considered an exclusive relationship. Please keep up the good work Optima!”

Eddy Swindell
Fresh Relevance (DotDigital)
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7 pro-tips for working
with external recruiters

Today's talent war is a reality. Collaborating with a specialized recruiter can help achieve your hiring goals, whether you're seeking to fill business-critical roles, niche or executive positions. But do you know how to select the right external recruitment partner?

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Exec Leadership Table Talks

Join the hub for sharing expertise and solutions. An exceptional chance to learn from executive peers, while nurturing and inspiring each other.

Our roundtable conversations behind closed doors:

1. Digital Hub for Exchanging Leadership Insights
2. Learn from other Business Leaders
3. Exclusive Gatherings Limited to 4 participants
4. Conducted Online in a private setting

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Main industries we work with

Marketing Technology
Internet Technologies
SaaS & Software
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Advertising Technology
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Omnichannel Retail

Key People

krzysztof haranzinki

Kris Harazinski

Managing Director & Founder

16 years of recruitment experience across the USA, EMEA and APAC, specializing in Digital Marketing, Software/SaaS, eCommerce, and telecommunications. My expertise extends to Talent Development and HR. Beyond the professional realm, I'm an avid cyclist, skier, and globe-trotter.

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norbert bajore

Norbert Bajorek

Sr. Partner & Candidate Engineer

18 years of global sales and business development acumen, spanning the realms of Technology, Finance, and Market Research. My journey has led me from startups, through SMEs, to multinationals. Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm a dedicated mountain biker, and a proud father of 2 sons.

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